Klenza is India’s first alcohol-free hand sanitizer. It protects hands from germs for over 3 hours with silver and water-based foam that is completely safe for children and non-flammable.
Klenza’s formulation is based on a Unique Silver technology which has a 3-pronged attack strategy towards germs. This ensures that harmful microbes are completely destroyed and there is no development of resistance.
Most hand sanitizers today including the herbal varieties use high alcohol content (ranging anywhere from 60% - 95%) to sanitize hands. Klenza with Pure Silver on the other hand is a completely safe option. It’s 100% Alcohol-free, kills 99.999%* germs instantly without making the skin dry and protect your hand for over 3 hours*.
Yes. Klenza is non-flammable (free from fire hazard), highly safe to store &carry, does not dry skin and is completely safe for kids.
Yes. Klenza with Pure Silver is completely safe to use. For more than 2500 years, silver has been known for its antimicrobial properties. The fact that even a new-born baby is fed with a silver spoon emphasizing the fact that silver has always been considered to be the best antimicrobial with no registered side effects.
You can use Klenza as many times as you want to sanitize your hands. The shelf life of Klenza is 18 months from the date of manufacture.
The effect that a hand sanitizer has on our hands can never be visibly seen or measured. However Klenza is tested as per ASTM E 2755 which proves that it offers over 3 hours of protection from germs and as per ASTM E 2315-03,it kills 99.999% of germs instantly without alcohol.
Yes. Klenza is completely safe on skin and for kids. The fact that it’s alcohol-free is an add-on to its safety standard. A series of safety tests were conducted and the results were positive with no signs of mutation reported. Also, Klenza manufacturing has been approved by the Department of Drug control in India.
Klenza can be easily spotted at your nearest pharmacy, local supermarket& Health & Glow stores. For more details please visit www.klenza.in/wheretobuy
Klenza is available in 3 SKU’s today
i. Convenient pocket sized spray pens pack (10mlX3)
ii. 50 ml foam pump (available in two fragrances namely Cool Cologne & Smooth Strawberry)
iii. 200 ml foam pump