Germs never stop - they can attack when you least expect it. Here are just a few scenarios and risks against which Klenza keeps you safe.
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The risk of germs is even higher when travelling. In fact, most busy airports have more than 2 lakh hands touching surfaces within them, everyday.

Pets carry more than 30 well-known infection-causing germs.
On average, your hands touch more than 100 surfaces each day.
Sweat on skin increases the risk of infection by providing a humid medium where germs can multiply.
People touch their faces about 18 times every hour.
Phones, keyboards, doors, taps, handshakes, currency - your hands pick up millions of germs each time, some of which cause illnesses.
About 80% of infectious diseases are transmitted by touch.
Studies have found that car steering wheels can have 9 times more germs than a public toilet seat.
Shopping carts have
been found to be the
most germ-contaminated surfaces in department stores.
Knowledge is power! Stay in the know about when, where, and how germs spread, to better protect you and your family:
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